Basic Excel Shortcuts

I’m always amazed at how my investment banker friends can build a sophisticated financial model on an Excel spreadsheet – without ever touching their mouse. So I went ahead, researched and practiced using a few basic Excel shortcuts, which I’m going to share here:

Cursor movement

Control+RightArrowRight-hand side of block
Control+LeftArrowLeft-hand side of block
Control+DownArrowBottom of the Block
Control+HomeGo to cell A1
Control+EndBottom right-hand-side of used area

Sheet book movement

Control+PgUpNext sheet
Control+PgDownPrevious sheet
Control+TabNext workbook

Formula editing

Control+ ~Display formulae
F2Edit cell formula
Control+RFill right
Control+DFill down

Insertion / deletion


Other shortcuts

Ctrl+1Format cells, charts, text boxes
Ctrl+Shift+LTurn on/off filters
Alt+ESPaste Special
Alt+ESVPaste Special › Values
Ctrl+TInsert table
Hard code a cell

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