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How to make Excel stop calculating automatically

Is your Excel file calculating and recalculating all the formulas automatically, causing your entire computer to freeze? That’s likely because your Excel application’s “Workbook Calculation” is set to “Automatic” instead of “Manual”. Excel 2003: Tools > Options > Calculation > Calculation > Manual Excel 2007: Office button > Excel options > Formulas > Workbook Calculation […]

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How to display two Excel sheets side by side on two monitors in Windows 7

If you use Excel a lot and spend most of your day toggling across multiple Excel files, then having a dual monitor setup will help you tremendously! In fact, a New York Times study has shown that having an additional monitor increases productivity by 20 to 30 percent. However, the challenge is that some applications […]

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How to remove line breaks from Excel

Want to remove a line break in Excel? Follow the steps below! In Excel, choose Edit>Replace Click the “Find what” box Hold the Alt key, and (on the number keypad), type “0010”. This represents a line break in Excel. You won’t see anything in the “Find What” box In the “Replace with” box, type the characters that […]

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How to capitalize the first word in a cell

For example, you have the following the text in a cell “A1″: boston red sox If you’d like to capitalize all the words in ths cell, use this simple formula: =PROPER (A1) This will return: Boston Red Sox However, if you’d like to capitalize only the first word and not all words, use this formula: […]

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Tips on Microsoft Excel

Save time and increase your productivity by learning some useful tips on how to use Microsoft Excel.

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